Beyond Sustainability

THE CHOCOLATE DREAM: Creating Shared Value at Origin

At Luker Chocolate, we believe that chocolate makes the world a better place and in fair relationships where everyone is a winner. Through shared value strategies, we can transform cocoa-growing territories while strengthening our business model. Through our plan, “The Chocolate Dream”, we are achieving a positive impact on the communities through education, entrepreneurship, art and culture, agricultural development and job creation in the countryside. We bring together different actors of the chocolate value chain, including our clients, NGOs, and local government, among others.

Anchor Model

In 2011, we started our cocoa plantations as a long-term plan to increase Fine Flavour cocoa availability and have a more substantial and more direct impact on some of our regions. We now offer cocoa from our own farms in Necoclí, Huila and Casanare. By leveraging the scale and resources of our own farms, our Anchor Model allows us to reach surrounding communities and local producers with technical assistance and training on appropriate environmental practices. Furthermore, we contribute to social development by offering formal employment and actively supporting education, culture, and entrepreneurship.